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Social Media Training Nicole Simon

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She consults companies and organisations who want to know how to use the tools of the trade; also she is a sought-after sparrings partner especially for startups. She loves to bring different communities together and helps them learn from each other. She also runs the German Girl Geek Dinners, co-moderates the forum Global Business Women on Xing and serves as advisory / jury member for several European conferences like next and the Web 2.0 Expo Europe. And of course you can find her on twitter. By trade I am a consultant with a focus on what I call digital craftsmanship. A friend of mine put it a bit differently: “You are turning Social Media bullshit into reality” , meaning I am working with clients on how to use these tools properly (setup, workflows, procedures, etc) and do analysis and assesment. From execution to coaching and mentoring, everything can be discussed. Take a look at the services I am offering and feel free to ping me.
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